At Huddersfield Colonics, our expert therapists will be there to offer advice and guide you through every step of your treatment.

Our therapists are both professionally trained and certified with over 30 years combined experience in colonics so we are well suited to answer any questions or to dispel any apprehensions you may have.

Typical sessions last up to an hour and on your first visit this will be preceded by a short medical questionnaire prior to your treatment.

Your therapist will continually monitor you throughout your session and may apply a gentle abdominal massage to help aid the release of excess waste.

Our clinic is furnished with the very latest in Atlantis Hydrotherapy technology and is 100% safe and hygienic.

All of these things combine to provide you with what is a very comfortable, pleasant, discreet and rewarding experience.

Session Prices

Single Treatment (1 hr) - £50

Course Booking

2 sessions course - £90

3 sessions course - £130

Further discounts may be available for larger course block bookings.